FIMEC TECHNOLOGIES: Robotized units for stacking and palletizing

FIMEC Technologies commissioned a brand new robotized unit.
Turnkey robotized palletizing units developed by the company are flexible and versatile all-in-one solutions: wool stacked bundles centering, rotating, gluing and final palletizing operations are run in one line.
The company develops a unique expertise in the design of multifunctional and «clever» grippers:

  • palletizing of numerous formats is possible with one gripper only 
  • the gripper automatically compensates the panels flatness defects
  • it fits all types of insulating materials

In addition to all the above mentioned functions the robot of the new unit can manage the flow of pallets: it stacks the empty pallets and will get new pallet prior to start a new stack.
This unit fits large product dimensions from 600 to 1200 mm wide, 3000 mm height and 3000 mm length.

Source FIMEC Technologies

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