World Roofing Market

World Roofing analyzes the world roofing industry. It presents historical data (2005, 2010 and 2015) plus forecasts (2020 and 2025) in square meters and in value for supply and demand, as well as demand by product and market, for 6 regions and 18 countries. The study also considers market environment factors, assesses industry structure, analyzes company market share and profiles industry competitors such as Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology, Berkshire Hathaway (Johns Manville), Etex, GAF Materials, Monier, Owens Corning, Saint-Gobain and Wienerberger.
New building construction, building codes to impact worldwide demand
Size and growth of the world roofing market depend on building construction activity, as roofing materials are used on new buildings as well as in repair and reroofing of existing structures. New building construction and the types of new buildings influence demand for roofing materials on new structures, while the stock of existing buildings supports demand for replacement roofing. In many areas, residential and nonresidential buildings tend to have a different mix of materials, due to aesthetic concerns and construction methods, impacting roofing demand and distribution among materials. According to World Roofing, a new report from The Freedonia Group, a variety of other factors influence demand for roofing as well as the types of roofing used, including local, regional, and national building codes; concerns about the environmental impact of roofing materials; raw material and product pricing trends; new materials and products; local climate conditions; and local aesthetic preferences.
Growth in developed regions to offset projected slowdown in China, other developing countries
Freedonia projects that accelerating growth in developed regions, including North America and Western Europe, will offset an expected slowdown in demand growth in China, the world’s largest market for roofing materials. China’s boom in new building construction is expected to taper after a decade of robust growth; however, roofing demand in the country is still expected to register healthy growth. Many other developing countries, including India, Indonesia, and Iran can also expect strong advances, especially in the nonresidential market. Roofing demand in developed regions is expected to improve after several years of weakness following the global economic recession. In North America and Western Europe, a recovery in new housing construction will be a particularly important driver of advances in roofing material demand.

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