Ceric Technologies – renewal through continuity

In March 2010, Ceric Technologies started with Patrick Hébrard and Laurent Toquet heading up the company. In Zi 9/2010 we spoke to Patrick Hébrard, President of Ceric Technologies, about the future opportunities and planned projects for the newly established company, Now, two years later, we wanted to find out from Patrick Hébrard about how Ceric Technologies has ­developed.
Zi: In our last talk, you had targeted sales of € 20 mill. for 2010 and around € 40 mill. for 2012. Were you able to reach your goal for 2010 and does your planning for 2012 still hold?

P.H.: We are not so very far off our goals and we are very happy with how the last 18 months have gone. In 2010 we had orders worth € 16 mill. in hand, generated € 12 mill. in sales and achieved commensurate profits. In 2011 we registered € 32 mill. in orders, sales of around € 17 mill., and therefore chalked up another profitable year.
For 2012 we expect an order volume totalling around € 40 mill.
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