Advancing the capital goods industry for clay brick and roofing tile production

Argentina’s Minister of Industry, Débora ­Giorgi, has welcomed the President of the Argentine company Cerámica del Norte, Juan José Soler, together with Luca Caramelli, the owner of Bongioanni Macchine, the Italian supplier of machinery to the clay brick and roofing tiles industry.

During the meeting with the Minister, J. J. Soler presented his company’s 50 mill. pesos investment in the construction of a new installation in Salta. Caramelli informed Minister Giorgi of how his company is considering the possibility of setting up a production plant in Argentina. From there, the company could supply the Argentine and Brazilian markets as well as the other Mercosur countries.

“Argentina is resolute in advancing the development of its capital goods industry in order to be competitive at worldwide level; investments in this sector will be favoured since we have a home market suffering from unfair competition and with a growing demand”, said the Minister.

The owner of Bongioanni explained to the Minister that his idea to set up a plant in the country was derived from the conditions in Argentina in the last few years. Many important investments have been realized in the clay brick and roofing tile sector, enabling his company to supply machines as well as logistic and technical advice to several Argentine companies. For this reason, he said, he saw Argentina as an ideal place to do business.

Bongioanni Macchine has already worked with leading companies in ­Argentina’s clay brick and roofing tile sector, such as Cerámica del Norte, Latercer, Cerámica Quilmes, Palmar, La Pastoriza, Cerámica Cunmalleu, Losa, Cerro Negro, Cerámica Alberdi, Cerámica Ctibor, Cerámicos Marcos Paz & ­Terrabrick, and others.

Bongioanni – the company founded in 1907 – became Bongioanni Macchine with the purchase of a block of shares by the Caramelli family at the beginning of 2000. Since then, the company has enjoyed a major relaunch and become not only a leader in the European market, but also in Asia, North Africa and South America.
Source Ziegelindustrie International

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