MONIER AUSTRALIA : A new age in roof tile uses innovative aerospace technology

Five times lighter than concrete and withstanding up to 300kg of weight, Monier has launched a new roof tile range that uses material originally developed for the aerospace industry.

Launching Monier’s new “Elemental Series”, General Manager Drew Spiden said the range was perfect for Queensland climate conditions featuring a rust resistant, long-lasting UV colour fast coating and a strong resilience against dent and impact damage.

“Designed to protect your family from Australia’s testing climate conditions, the series provides a strong, durable material that can withstand soaring summer temperatures, salty sea air and powerful hail storms,” Mr Spiden said.

Depending on the pitch and lay of the land, your roof can make up to 30 per cent of the visual impact of your home.

“If your roof fades, so too does the overall appearance of your property,” said Mr Spiden.

“Homeowners want a roof that elevates their home’s design, provides a beautiful visual impact, while also delivering long term performance and protection.”

He said market feedback showed that customers wanted more colour and design options for their roof so Monier had partnered with design expert Kathy Demos, to develop some new additions, including a metallic finish on two of the new profiles.

“The new colour additions, including the metallic options Mars and Comet, have allowed us to create a modern day interpretation of terracotta with an aesthetic homeowners would not expect from traditional terracotta tiles,” said Mr Spiden.

“The terracotta tile has been around for centuries, which is a testament to its durability. The colour is baked onto the tile which means it does not fade. It is the only roofing material that offers a lifetime colour guarantee. The new additions combine the hero features of the original terracotta tile with sleek, modern colours that breakaway from the traditional orange.”

The series was launched at “Lightspace” in Fortitude Valley, featuring world-renowned ‘unusualist’ Raymond Crowe, fresh from sellout shows for The Illusionists on Broadway.

Source The Courier-Mail par  Belinda Chilton

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