Wienerberger launches new long-format bricks

In response to the growing trend for architects and designers exploring a wider variety of brick sizes, Wienerberger, the UK’s leading provider of building material solutions, has announced the launch of seven new long format bricks to its Roman range.

The introduction of these seven new bricks is in direct response to the rising popularity of longer, thinner brick formats. Each of the new bricks are 400x100x40mm offering a very long, slender design option and they all have a desirable waterstruck texture that adds distinctiveness and character to builds.

Wienerberger’s Roman range now includes ten products with size options up to 510mm long available. The wide range of colours available open up ample aesthetic possibilities.

The Roman Range is ideal for design projects looking to make a statement. Whether it be for a whole facade or to help give a distinguished feature to specific areas of a building, the new bricks provide a versatile and striking brick solution that can benefit many types of architectural projects.

As well as the enhanced Roman range, Wienerberger offers its Megaline range which also provides longer, thinner formats but with a very different look to the Roman range. The Megaline range is manufactured using an extrusion process that gives the bricks a very precise shape. Available in 288x88x48mm format in five colours, the range offers architects and designers a clean, crisp, contemporary aesthetic design option for their projects.

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