Bedeschi supplies new clay roofing tile pressing line to Indonesia

 »The new MP 190 three-mould roofing tile press from Bedeschi

Bedeschi SpA, a leading manufacturer of machines and integrated plants for the clay brick and tile industry in Europe, has over 100 years of experience in this sector. It is one of the few companies that has been able to maintain its technical and financial stability over this long time. In this way, the Italian plant and machine engineering company offers its customers a high degree of continuity and reliability both in respect of its products and services.

Bedeschi SpA is committed to continuous technical research and successfully launched new products on the market. When P.T.M. Class Industry, a renowned Indonesian roofing tile manufacturer, contracted Bedeschi with the supply of a new pressing line, the plant supplier widened its already extensive range by adding a roofing tile press.

The new line for P.T.M. Class Industry comprises a vertical mixer (GDG 1 500), an extruder (BED 500 SLS), a cutting and feeding line and a three-mould press (MP 190) complete with moulds.

Source Ziegelindustrie International

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