AUSTRALIA: Boral, Forterra announce Meridian Brick as name of new joint venture

Leading brick manufacturers merge to increase distribution footprint and product offerings

Mineral Wells' two brick plants are becoming Meridian Brick, the result of a joint venture of Boral Bricks and Forterra Brick. The picture shows the east plant, located on N.E. 14th Avenue.
Mineral Wells' two brick plants are getting a new name and leadership.

Boral Bricks and Forterra Brick, leading manufacturers and suppliers of sustainable building products and construction materials, recently announced the name of their joint venture, Meridian Brick.

Serving both United States and Canadian markets, Meridian Brick builds on the two companies' histories of innovation while uniting the strength and passion of their personnel to deliver a broader range of high-quality products and solutions as well as superior services and support across a larger network.

The new name, suggested by Debbie Brady, director of sales for Forterra Brick and 32-year industry veteran, speaks to the new direction the joint venture will take toward both performance gains and cost reductions.

Meridian is defined as a circle of constant longitude passing through a given place on the earth's surface. With the definition in mind, Brady added, "Meridian represents the joining of two companies, their people and the promise they bring to the future."

The new logo conveys the cornerstone of two companies merging into a unified, diverse structure focused on elevating the new brand while also communicating to the market-at-large the influence the combined presence delivers.

Customers, suppliers and employees will benefit from a stronger company created to deliver value and ensure long-term success. Meridian Brick will offer expanded commercial and residential brick offerings through the formation of a greater, more responsive plant network. Additionally, as a result of improved utilization of freight and distribution channels, Meridian Brick will be positioned to better meet the needs of an evolving market.

"Meridian Brick is a company centered on taking care of customers and providing our employees an environment and the tools to achieve Zero Harm in the workplace," said Paul Samples, CEO of Meridian Brick. "Our goal is to continue to manufacture clay brick and supply other high-quality durable cladding and components. We will continue to provide the service and support for which Boral and Forterra are known. This is an exciting time, and we look forward to building the Meridian brand and promoting the attributes of brick that support our message: "Be Bold. Be Brick."

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