Azarakhsh International, Iran, awards order to Sacmi Heavy Clay

Sacmi Heavy Clay has been awarded an order to install a new production line for Azarakhsh International, a leading brick manufacturer in Iran. For Sacmi, this order is a key to enter this strategically important growth and development region.
With almost 100 000 t per year of output sold on both internal and foreign markets, the Iranian company Azarakhsh International Refractory Brick Manufacturer Group is one of the main players in the brick and construction material sector in this region. Azarakhsh is already well-known for its high-quality clay pavers and facing bricks with low water absorption and high strength. The order covers the supply of a new complete line for the manufacture of facing bricks, so-called “strip bricks”, in the Group’s manufacturing facility in the town of Qom, Iran.
The new line is to be installed in the new building near the old factory and has been designed for a routine output of 140 000 units/day (85 t), yet it can cope with production peaks of up to 100 t per day. The order includes two PH 690 D hydraulic presses, specially configured for the production of such product types. The order also comprises a 5-level ECP 235/11.3 roller dryer with an effective intake width of 2 350 mm and a length of 11.3 m.
Completing the order are the single-channel roller kiln (FMS 223/136.5 model, 136.5 m long with an effective load width of 2 350 mm) and the Synthesis sorting and packaging line with the Extrapack robot. The kiln has been designed and equipped to fire heavy materials at high temperature (up to 1 250° C). It is equipped with a flashing system to obtain a reducing atmosphere in the final firing zone of the kiln.
This order equips Azarakhsh to extend its product range, already widely appreciated on the internal and external markets. For Sacmi, which has operated in the area through its Sacmi Iran branch for years, this is a new and prestigious reference customer, strategic in terms of growth and development potential, especially in the construction and infrastructure sector. Thanks to recent changes on the international scene, the total growth of exports from Italy to the area can be estimated at no less than 3 bill. euros over the next four years (source: Sace – Cassa Depositi e Prestiti).
Source Ziegelindustrie International

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