Otto Staudacher Brickworks starts operation of second brick filling installation

Staudacher Brickworks in Balzhausen, part of the Thermopor Group, has responded early to the growing requirements for the thermal insulation of residential buildings. Its second latest generation computer-controlled brick filling installation permits the family-run company to keep lead times for highly demanded Thermopor TV high-precision clay blocks short.

To optimize the production process and to optimally coordinate the self-contained filling process with the clay block production, the company had a new production hall built specially. With its highly motivated workforce and quality products, the brickworks is well-known far beyond its local region. In the new installation, filled clay blocks with heat coefficients from 0.07 to 0.10 W/ mK for energy-efficient masonry with maximized stability and outstanding sound insulation are produced.
Source Ziegelindustrie International

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